The 321st Bombardment Group
Historical Archive Chronologies

The monthly files below provide the complete War Diary for the 321st Bombardment Group. They were transcribed by John T. Fitzgerald from the War Diaries of the 445th, 446th, 447th, and 448th Bombardment Squadrons archived at the Air Force Historical Research Agency (AFHRA), Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama. John's father,
Lt. John "Jack" Fitzgerald, was a pilot in the 446th Bombardment Squadron. Each daily entry begins with the operations summary for the appropriate command (12th Air Force or Northwest African Air Force) from the U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II Combat Chronology (1941-1945) compiled by Kit C. Carter and Robert Mueller, Center for Air Force History, Washington, DC, 1991.


May 1943
June 1943
July 1943
August 1943
September 1943
October 1943
November 1943
December 1943


January 1944
February 1944
March 1944
April 1944
May 1944
June 1944
July 1944
August 1944
September 1944
October 1944
November 1944
December 1944


January 1945
February 1945
March 1945
April 1945
May 1945
June 1945
July-September 1945

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