The 65th Fighter Squadron

Some of Dwight Orman's Other Aircraft Photos

57th Fighter Group B-25 Mitchell.


Flight Line of A-20 Havoc light bombers from the 47th Bombardment Group.

A-20 landing accident.

P-47 Razorbacks on the flight line.

Aerial view from Dwight Orman's P-47 of Grosetto, Italy, base for the 57th Fighter Group.

P-47 boneyard.

316th Air Service Group Courier Terminal sign.

Courier Terminal ramp.

C-47 transport at courier terminal.

Loading C-47 transport at courier terminal.

C-47 on runway.



Jim Long in P-38 cockpit.

Dwight Orman in P-38 cockpit.

"Pilot of the photo-recon P-38 stopped at Grosetto for a couple days - Jim Long and I simply could not resist the opportunity to crawl up in the "office" for a look around."

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