The 65th Fighter Squadron

Captured Focke-Wulf 190
Photos by P-47 Pilot Dwight V. Orman

Quotes from Dwight Orman appear in blue lettering

"Captured FW190 - German pilot landed at Villa Franco when we had already occupied the place."

"FW190 D is another view after the gear had been extended and it was towed to our ramp at Villa Franco. Note: We were very near the German lines at the time. I was carrying my Colt45 in shoulder holster."

"FW190II - same aircraft - that's L to R Robert R. "Mac" McCluskey and Gorman "Buck" Neel. Perhaps I explained this before. I didn't actually witness this but here is what I was told - The German pilot landed his FW190 thinking the strip was still in German hands. Upon seeing all the P47s he fled the aircraft leaving the engine running. Subsequently one of the GIs guarding the aircraft was fooling around the cockpit and accidentally pulled the gear handle collapsing the landing gear. The gear was later extended and the aircraft was towed to the ramp."

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