The 65th Fighter Squadron

Dwight Orman's Combat Mission Log

Quotes from Dwight Orman appear in blue lettering

"Here's the first 10 missions - recorded in a 3"X5" tablet - I'll scan that too. Most if not all these missions were flown out of our Alto strip on Corsica. We used military charts so many locations are designated as P------ something or other. On the escort missions maybe you can cross check that with information on your Dad's log, or even the date could be a clue. I will never forget the 3rd. mission - made a deep impression on me. I was flying John "Whit" Wittenberger's wing. At the time I believe he had some 130 missions in and would soon be returning to the States. We had found a German convoy and began the attack. I was in loose trail well behind Whit and I saw his tracers as he was firing. Then about the time I was expecting him to pull up and come around for another pass, he slowly rolled over and continued into the ground - huge fireball. We figured he struck high tension lines along the highway or maybe took a round in the cockpit. In any event after landing at Alto I was thinking my odds of completing my tour of 100 were not too rosy."

"Here's the rest of them including #19 page for the date I stopped recording information. Most terms are self explanatory. MT is motorized transport. FTI is anti-personnel or in plain English 'frags.'"

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