The 65th Fighter Squadron

Aircraft of the 65th FS "Fighting Cocks"
Photos by P-47 Pilot Dwight V. Orman

Quotes from Dwight Orman appear in blue lettering

The 57th Fighter Group consisted of the 64th, 65th and 66th Fighter Squadrons. The aircraft of the three squadrons were identified and distinguished by large arabic numerals and their squadron insignias painted on the sides of their fuselages. The 64th FS "Black Scorpions" used numbers 10-39, the 65th FS "Fighting Cocks" used numbers 40-69, and the 66th FS "Terminators" used numbers 70-99. Numbers 1-9 were used by the 57th Fighter Group "Headquarters."

The above P-47 (probably from 57th FG Headquarters) has the insignia for each of the three squadrons.

"#53 "Schmaltzie" was Frank "Duffy" Middleton's P47 - had "Mercedes" on the other side."

The above pictures show P-47D #53, "Schmaltzie" of the 65th Fighter Squadron piloted by Lt. F. J. Middleton. The crew chief was S/Sgt. L. Walker and the armorer was Cpl. S. Bauer.

"The pilot standing on the wing root on "Little Bunny" side is Frank "Duffy" Middleton. His P-47 was "Schmaltzie".

"#54 had "Norma" on the right side and "Little Bunny" on the left side. "Willy" Lyke was the original pilot (that's him on Lyke #54). Later Brad Muhl was the pilot and he had "Norma" painted on the other side."

"On the left is a picture I snapped of Brad right after he crawled out of his aircraft after a tough mission. On the right is later when he was being picked up by the Ops. jeep on the flight line."
The Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, Connecticut was named for the first casualty of the 57th Fighter Group, a local kid who crashed his aircraft during a training mission there in 1941. Near the airport is the New England Air Museum (NEAM) which has a really fantastic exhibit all about the 57th Fighter Group. "Yes the exhibit at NEAM represents a lot of volunteer help from 57th alums and family & friends in the area. The static P47 is, I believe of Brazilian origin and painted to resemble Brad Muhl's "Norma." Brad and Norma were at the dedication and Brad passed about 2 or 3 years ago." They have some nice color photos taken at Alto, Corsica too. Here's another one. Here's the 65th FS camp at Alto.

Alexandre Cadel made this beautiful model of P-47 #54 from the 65th Fighter Squadron for display in a diorama in a Corsican Museum.

More 65th Fighter Squadron aircraft courtesy of Dwight Orman.

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