Photos and History of the 428th Bombardment Squadron
From Captain Ernest A. Baldwin

Captain Ernest Baldwin alongside nose art for the 428th BS.
This is Captain Ernest A. Baldwin standing by some nose art for a 428th BS B-25. I was really surprised to see what appears to be Bill Mauldin cartoon character nose art on a 428th plane because I thought only the 487th Squadron of the 340th Bomb Group had such nose art. This "Dog Face" aircraft appears to be B-25J 7F #43-27510 of the 487th BS but maybe it was in both groups. This same aircraft was in the same flight of replacement crews with which Baldwin arrived according to the flight schedule seen below so like so many aircraft, it appears to have ended up with a different squadron (487th) than it flew over with. Retired USAF Lt. Col. Ernest A. Baldwin introduces himself and the 428th:

"I was a pilot and a Flight Leader in the 428th Bombardment Squadron, 310th Bombardment Group from April 1944 to April 1945. I also worked in Group Operations. The Group Operations Officer was Colonel Bill Bowers. Col. Bowers flew the Doolittle mission over Tokyo. He was also the 310th's last CO and brought the Group back to the U.S. at the end of hostilities. Lt. Col. Hinman, 310th HQs, was also with the Doolittle group as a spare. He made the voyage, but did not get to fly the mission. The 428th Squadron CO was Lt. Col. Elmer Epperson. The Squadron Operations Officer was Major Roy Evans. The Squadron Bombardier was Captain Jerry Baraniuk who was shot down in December of 1944 and captured by the German army. He was flying with Lt. McAllister's crew. (See Lt. McAllister in 57th List)."

Flight schedule, page 1, for Baldwin's flight from U.S. to overseas in April, 1944.

Flight schedule, page 2, for Baldwin's flight from U.S. to overseas in April, 1944.
The above flight schedule lists the A/C serial numbers, crew names, etc. for a flight of twelve 57th Bomb Wing replacement A/C that 2nd Lt. Ernest Baldwin departed Hunter Field, GA with on April 8, 1944. Baldwin says that the plane he flew over, #43-27509, was assigned to the 321st Bombardment Group. All of his crew, except possibly the co-pilot, was assigned to the 428th Squadron of the 310th Bombardment Group, so I guess the army made an effort to keep some crews together.

More Pictures from Ernest Baldwin

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This 428th aircraft appears to be the same as the one pictured in a photo from Sgt. Russell Callahan of the 489th Bomb Squadron, 340th Bomb Group. It may have been a loaner from the 310th after the 340th lost nearly all its aircraft at Pompeii from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Of course this is pure speculation. Less speculatively, Dave McEldery, son of Richard McEldery from the 428th BS says the following: "In the photo, I'm not sure about the man on the left, but the man on the right isn't Capt. Frank "Buddy" Byers. I have several photos dad took of Byers."

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