The 489th Bombardment Squadron in Corsica

1. 489th BS Insignia from B-25 at MAAM, 
2. 340th BG Insignia from Q. Kaiser's A2 flight jacket (1944), 
3. NASA space shuttle photo of Corsica,
4. 12th Air Force patch,
5. U.S. Army Air Corps Patch .

Captain Tate Bowden

I received this photo from Tom Bowden, son of Captain Tate Bowden of Memphis, TN who was one of the Operations officers for the 489th Bombardment Squadron. I moved the names written on the back of this photo to the front (Corley or *Corle?, Vincent, Ives, Haster, O'Connell, Bowden, Scofield). As best as I can tell, Captain Bowden is the guy kneeling on the right. Flight Leader Captain Haster is standing behind him second from the right. These two officers are the only ones not wearing parachute harnesses which makes sense since they are both listed as pilots on this mission and pilots had seat packs. Lt. William F. O'Connell, navigator, is standing on the right with his charts. It looks like radio-gunner Vincent is kneeling on the left and I suspect that's the bombardier Captain Scofield standing on the left with Engineer gunner Ives standing next to him but I'm not sure. Maybe tail-gunner Corle took the picture. I'm pretty sure this plane was the "9V" and Tom Sullivan was the crew chief. The crew and the plane are the same as the ones listed on my dad's 20th mission flown on July 27, 1944 so I guess this may be the date the above picture was taken.

Tom Bowden is interested in finding out more about his father's service in the 489th, especially as it relates to the photographs and items below that his father left behind.

Some of Captain Tate Bowden's decorations minus his Purple Heart which Tom Bowden would like to get a replacement for.

After receiving the "That's All Brother" photo above with the names of the crew from Tom Bowden I was able to go back and identify Captains Haster and Bowden in this outdoor mission briefing photo taken by my father, Quentin Kaiser, on Corsica.

*Note: If this is Chester E. Corle from Baltimore, MD, he was killed on November 4, 1944 over Casale Monferrato, Italy in B-25 9E.
Radio-gunner Walker Harris was the sole-survivor.

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