The 446th Bombardment Squadron

Photos and History of the 446th Bomb Squadron
from Lead Pilot Captain Charles L. Burandt

Provided by Cecile Burandt, Charles Burandt Jr., and Jacqueline Burandt

Charles L. Burandt in a typical USAAF portrait.'
This is Charles L. Burandt, a lead pilot with the 446th Bombardment Squadron in a typical USAAF portrait.

Left: Charles L. Burandt and unknown soldier.  Right:  Lt. Charles L. Burandt with Tutton'
Left Photo: Burandt on the left with unknown soldier, possibly a tent mate, on the right.
Right photo: Burandt on the left with Tutton on his right.

446th crew with Baby Blue Eyes.'
Baby Blue Eyes crew - Lt. Charles Burandt is kneeling in the center with Lt. Leon Hawkes kneeling on the right.

446th crew with Baby Blue Eyes.'
Baby Blue Eyes crew - written on back beginning with front row from right to left: "Lt. Leon Hawkes, Lt. Charles Burandt, Ottem & Hughes Bruner, Aken (C.C) & Leonard"

S/Sgt. Ben Boatright Jr., gunner.'
Left photo: Sgt. Benjamin Boatright Jr., gunner with the 446th squadron.

Right photo: A fascinating story describing the heroics of Ben Boatright as related by Charles Burandt after a 446th plane piloted by Burandt got shot-up on a mission.

More Photos from pilot Charles L. Burandt:

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