Photos and History of the 428th Bombardment Squadron
from B-25 Pilot - Lt. Bruce Thompson Gilbert

Provided by his nephew Chris Gilbert

Pilot Lt. Bruce Gilbert with 'Chinook'.
Left photo: Lt. Bruce T. Gilbert, pilot 428th Bombardment Squadron.
Right photo: Unknown soldier and Lt. Gilbert standing by Chinook.

Lt. Gilbert surrounded by two other pilots in training.

Lt. Gilbert in Chinook.

Chinook photograph from Lt. Bob Zulauf of the 381st Bomb Squadron. According to Dominique Taddei who supplied this photo, the soldier in the picture is Lt. Floyd Metzger of the 428th squadron (MIA).

428th Bombardment Squadron Flight Schedule for a mission on September 16, 1944. Note the last crew listed in the left hand column with aircraft 7529 and Lt. B. T. Gilbert as pilot.

More Photos from Bruce Gilbert provided by his nephew Chris Gilbert:

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