The 446th Bombardment Squadron

Photos and History of the 446th Bomb Squadron
from S/Sgt. Stuart Layne Huntoon

Provided by a relative

Sgt. Stuart Layne Huntoon the 1st.
"I have attached a picture of my husband's 'Uncle,' Stuart Layne Huntoon the 1st who was a B-25 gunner in the 446th squadron. He joined the air force at the age of 17 and was killed in action at the age of 19. My husband is Stuart Layne Huntoon II and our son is Stuart Huntoon III who was actually born on the same day as Stuart Huntoon I. The movies wanted to put my husband's uncle in the movies but the Air Force wouldn't let him go (He may have still been alive, if they would have let him out). One time, Stuart Layne Huntoon checked out a jeep from the Motor pool, and drove somewhere in Italy, to see his brother (my husband's dad), while his dad was in maneuvers in the Army. He got away with it. Another time, he either came back drunk, or got drunk and was on a Bomber, and had the engine started, when he got caught. He was going to fly back to the states to visit his family. Those may have been one of the times that McCrae was talking about, when Huntoon was acting up."

The 321st Bombardment Group history provides the following information for the date of Sunday, December 10, 1944:

446th BS War Diary: The squadron loses a ship over Bologna, Italy, piloted by Lieut. Kaenzig. Other crewmen were Lieut. Ritger, Lieut. Rondel, Staff Sergeants Hermanson and Huntoon, and Corporal E. M. Allen. Sergeant Hermanson, an original member of the squadron, had flown 50 combat missions with us in Africa, returned to the states for over a year, then rejoined the squadron. This was his first mission upon his return overseas. T/Sergeant McKearin received a serious wound in the face on the mission and is hospitalized.

Allen, Emmitt M., Cpl, gunner
Hermanson, Ingwal J., Sgt, gunner
Huntoon, Stuart L., S/Sgt, turret gunner
Kaenzig, Charles L., 2Lt, bombardier
McKearin, William J., T/Sgt, radio-gunner
Ritger, Frederick C., 1Lt, pilot
Rondel, Albert O., 2Lt, pilot

446th BS Mission Summary: Squadron Mission 440

TARGET: Castel Bolognese Defense Area, Italy DATE: 10 Dec.1944

Type of Bombs: Fragmentations 446th Planes: 6

Capt. Murray led the formation. Target area N of main highway well covered. Several explosions in target area. Flak was heavy, moderate, fairly accurate becoming intense, accurate. Ten planes holed. No fighters.

Murray, Richard E., Capt, pilot, 447th BS

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