The 448th Bombardment Squadron

History of the 448th Bomb Squadron
from 1st Lt. Theodore Kirk

Photos and info from Ted Kirk's mother
and his great nephew, Jeff Elliott

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"This picture is Ted (in center holding guidon) at the close of his pre-flight training (Santa Ana, California) where he made the highest percentage of his squadron, 96.8%. Only ten in this group of boys finished the cadet training for a pilot - all the others washed out."

"The pilot training course is divided into four divisions, ie., pre-flight, primary, basic and advanced. Each of these divisions requires four weeks. Ted finished the advanced, graduated, and received his wings at Yuma, Arizona. He received his officer's training at Sacramento, California, Mather's Field and then to Columbia, South Carolina where he received combat training. The last training was at Savannah, Georgia and then overseas. 'Grand Pa'."

"Nov. 26, 1944: Recently Ted has been promoted from 2nd Lt. to 1st Lt.
Ted received his commissions and wings at Yuma, Arizona on August 15, 1943.
He went overseas May 15, 1944....after 63 combat missions Ted returned to U.S.
where he was reassigned, Mar. 15, 1944 as instructor at Yuma, Arizona."

"Ted took pre-flight at Santa Ana, California; his primary at Los Palos, California; his basic at Chico, California; his advanced at Yuma, Arizona; his officer's training at Sacramento, California; his combat training at Columbia, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia; and then overseas to the Mediterranean Theater of War, stationed on the island of Corsica (321st Bombardment Group, 448th Bombardment Squadron) where he was in combat piloting a B-25 bomber for 10 months.
He was awarded air medal with clusters, D.F.C. with clusters, and the presidential citation for bravery, etc. His rank was changed from 2nd Lt. to 1st Lt. 1944 (exact date not legible)."

The above account is from Ted's mother.
Ted's great nephew, Jeff Elliott, adds the following information:

"We also have verbal accounts from Virginia Kirk that he was an instructor at Reese AFB, Lubbock, TX as corroborated in photos (on the next page)."

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