The 445th Bombardment Squadron

Lt. Dick Krause, Bombardier

Dick Krause in 1944 and 2003.
On the left is Lt. Richard Krause as a bombardier in the 321st BG/ 445th BS in 1944. On the right is Dick Krause in 2003.

Flak map from Dick Krause.
This is a flak map from Dick Krause showing the areas in Italy to be avoided (big red circles) if at all possible during bombing missions. Notice the Brenner Line- it's all red!

Lt. Dick Krause in 1944 on the wing of a B-25.
Photo of Lt. Dick Krause, bombardier, probably taken in 1944 at Solenzara, Corsica.

Participants in B-25 Bomb run reenactment with Norden bombsight, 2006.
Participants of History Channel B-25 bomb run reenactment with Norden bombsight, 2006.

Lt. Dick Krause with eight cooks from Corsica.

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