Photos from Radio-Gunner T/Sgt. Joe Mitchell

Joe Mitchell and crew from 379th BS.
"The personnel standing in the picture are from left to right: Lt. McCAFFERTY BOMBARDIER, UNKNOWN NAVIGATOR, S/SGT. KUMSHIER CREW CHIEF, LT. MARCY COPILOT, CAPT. FITZSIMMONS PILOT, and kneeling left to right: SGT. MILDRUM ENG., SGT. GIEKE TAILGUNNER, T/SGT. MITCHELL RADIO. The aircraft was later named EAGER BABY. The crew was split up after Fitzsimmons was transferred to 12th Air Force headquarters and became General Mark Clark's pilot and Marcy became a 1st pilot with a crew of his own. I was a member of 379th from July, 1944 to March, 1945. Previously I had been an instructor at the radio school at Scott Field for three years, washed out of the cadet program at Thunder Bird Field, and completed gunnery school at Kingman, Arizona. I was assigned to a combat crew at Greenville, South Carolina and went overseas by the southern route in 1944. I completed 70 missions and returned state side in March of 1945."

Some of Joe Mitchell's awards from WWII and Korea.
These are some of Joe Mitchell's awards from WWII and Korea. The photo on the left shows General Knapp pinning the air medal on Joe's uniform.

More photos from Joe Mitchell:

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