Northwest African Coastal Air Force
Air Vice-Marshal Sir Hugh Lloyd

NACAF organization for Operation Husky - the invasion of Sicily - early July 1943

52nd Fighter Group (Spitfire)
Lieutenant Colonel James S. Coward

Headquarters Squadron
2nd Fighter Squadron
4th Fighter Squadron
5th Fighter Squadron

81st Fighter Group (P-39)
Lieutenant Colonel Michael Gordon

Headquarters Squadron
91st Fighter Squadron
92nd Fighter Squadron
93rd Fighter Squadron

350th Fighter Group (P-39)
Lieutenant Colonel Marvin L. McNickle

Headquarters Squadron
345th Fighter Squadron
346th Fighter Squadron
347th Fighter Squadron

*480th Antisubmarine Group (B-24)
Colonel Jack Roberts

1st Antisubmarine Squadron
2nd Antisubmarine Squadron

414th Nightfighter Squadron (Beaufighter)
Major Arden W. Cowgill


415th Nightfighter Squadron (Beaufighter)
Captain Gordon D. Timmons


French Air Force Fighter Units

2/5 Escadre (P-40)
2/7 Escadre (Spitfire)

RAF Air Sea Rescue Units (Walrus)

No. 283 Squadron
No. 284 Squadron

RAF Fighter Units (Hurricane)

No. 32 Squadron (F)
No. 73 Squadron (+NF)
No. 87 Squadron (F)
No. 253 Squadron (F)

Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm Units

No. 813 +TSR Squadron (Swordfish)
No. 820 TSR Squadron (Albacore c)
No. 821 TSR Squadron (Albacore n)
No. 826 TSR Squadron (Albacore r)
No. 828 TSR Squadron (Albacore r)

RAF No. 323 Wing

No. 255 Squadron (NF)
No. 47 Squadron (+TB) (Beaufort)
No. 39 Squadron (TB) (Beaufort)
^No. 144 Squadron (TB) (Beaufighter)
#No. 458 Squadron (TB/+ASV) (Wellington)
No. 221 Squadron (TB/ASV) (Wellington)
No. 14 Squadron (TB) (B-26)

RAF No. 328 Wing

No. 500 Squadron (+GR/ASV) (Hudson)
@No. 608 Squadron (GR/ASV) (Hudson)
No. 52 Squadron (GR) (Baltimore)
No. 614 Squadron (+LB) (Bis)
No. 13 Squadron (LB) (Bis)
No. 313 Squadron (F) (Hurricane)
No. 274 Squadron (F) (Hurricane)

*The 1st and 2nd Antisubmarine Squadrons were assigned to the Northwest African Coastal Air Force for administration and placed under the operational control of United States Navy Fleet Air Wing 15 at Port Lyautey, French Morocco, Moroccan Sea Frontier commanded at the time by Rear Admiral Frank J. Lowry.
+TSR = torpedo, spotter, reconnnaissance; TB = torpedo bomber; NF = Night Fighter; ASV = aircraft to surface vessel radar; GR = ground attack/reconnaissance; LB = light bomber.
^No. 144 Squadron attached from United Kingdom.
#Air Ministry asked to provide two additional Wellington squadrons.
@An Africa-based RAF Hudson of No. 608 Squadron was the first aircraft to sink a U-boat with rockets.

Information taken from:
1) Participation of the Ninth & Twelfth Air Forces in the Sicilian Campaign,
Army Air Forces Historical Study No. 37,
Army Air Forces Historical Office Headquarters,
Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, November, 1945.
2) Maurer, Maurer, Air Force Combat Units Of World War II,
Office of Air Force History, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, 1983.

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