The 489th Bombardment Squadron in Corsica

1. 489th BS Insignia from B-25 at MAAM, 
2. 340th BG Insignia from Q. Kaiser's A2 flight jacket (1944), 
3. NASA space shuttle photo of Corsica,
4. 12th Air Force patch,
5. U.S. Army Air Corps Patch .

489th Bombardment Squadron B-25 Pictures Provided by Tracy Taylor

Planes, Part 13

B-25J 'Wabbit Twacks.'
Ezra Baer is listed as crew chief on the side of this plane. I suspect this plane was short-lived and probably destroyed in the German air raid of May 13, 1944 since Ezra Baer's main plane in 1944-45 was another 9C named Ruthie which flew 108 missions. Prior to Wabbit Twacks M/Sgt. Ezra L. Baer had another 9C, Ellen E. & Son which to my knowledge is the only surviving B-25 (a D model) from the 489th Bombardment Squadron. It is currently being restored at the Yankee Air Museum in Michigan. The small emblem to the right of Wabbit Twacks indicates a German fighter (Me109) was shot down by this plane.

B-25J 'Briefing Time.'
My father flew 2 missions in this plane.

B-25J 'Stella.'
My dad, Quentin Kaiser, flew 15 missions in Stella, his main plane.

B-25J 'Bubbies.'
My dad flew 4 missions in Bubbies.

B-25J 'Black Jack.'
This picture of "Black Jack" was sent to me by Steven Parris whose father, Rudy Parris was a radio-gunner in the 489th. A better view of the nose art for "Black Jack" can also be seen in the 489th Bomb Squadron Book. My father flew his first mission in "Black Jack" on May 18, 1944 to bomb a railroad bridge at Viareggio, Italy.

B-25J 'That's All- Brother.'
Tom Sullivan, treasurer for the 57th Bomb Wing Organization, was the crew chief of this plane. My dad flew 3 missions in That's All- Brother.

B-25J 'Prop-Wash.'
My dad flew 1 mission in this plane.

These great photographs were kindly provided by Tracy Taylor whose father, 2nd Lt. J. E. Taylor, was a bombardier in the 340th Bombardment Group, primarily with the 487th Bombardment Squadron from February 12th through June 22nd, 1945, Alesani, Corsica and Rimini, Italy.

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