The 489th Bombardment Squadron on Corsica

1. 489th BS Insignia from B-25 at MAAM, 
2. 340th BG Insignia from Q. Kaiser's A2 flight jacket (1944), 
3. NASA space shuttle photo of Corsica,
4. 12th Air Force patch,
5. U.S. Army Air Corps Patch .

B-25 Aircraft of the 489th Bomb Squadron on Corsica

9A 9B 9C 9D 9E 9F 9G 9H 9I 9J 9K 9L 9M 9M 9N 9P 9P 9Q 9R 9S 9T 9U 9V 9V 9W 9X 9Y 9Z 53 98 99 290

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Groups on Corsica

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