The 489th Bombardment Squadron in Corsica

1. 489th BS Insignia from B-25 at MAAM, 
2. 340th BG Insignia from Q. Kaiser's A2 flight jacket (1944), 
3. NASA space shuttle photo of Corsica,
4. 12th Air Force patch,
5. U.S. Army Air Corps Patch .

B-25J "Pacific Princess" at the 2004 Ramona, California Air Show

B-25J 'Pacific Princess' at the 2004 Ramona, CA Air Show.
In Ramona's beautiful "Valley of the Sun" just east of San Diego, CA was the 2004 Ramona Air Show with profits to benefit the families of fallen aerial firefighters. I was surprised and very happy to see this B-25J there- "Pacific Princess." Does this look like Corsica or what?

Here's an interesting story about a WWII aerial gunner at the air show.

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