The 447th Bombardment Squadron

Photos from Captain J. Maurice Wiginton
Provided by his son, Steve Wiginton

Captain Wiginton was lead-pilot and Operations Officer for the 447th Bombardment Squadron. He is also listed as one of the officers of the 321st Bombardment Group's Headquarters Squadron. The photos and labels on this page were provided by his son Steve Wiginton.

Captain Wiginton is standing on the right in this crew photo.

"Reddie Teddie" must have been Wiginton's main aircraft since his name is painted on the fuselage as the pilot. Since there are seven crew members, the guy kneeling on the left with the charts must be the navigator. The lead planes always had a navigator on board.

These photos look like they were probably taken at Solenzara, Corsica in 1944 or 1945.

More Photos from Captain J. Maurice Wiginton:

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