Sgt. Harold G. Yocum

"I just saw your website and was really impressed. I was on Corsica in the last part of 1943 and part of 1944. I flew 59 missions from there. I can't remember what squadron I was in. I was reading the list of killed or missing in action. The pilot I went over with was downed on his 2nd mission. He was flying as co pilot on another plane from his crew. We were flying with another pilot. The last time I heard they had never found him. His name was Stockdale. Maybe you can shed some light on him some way. I was on a baseball team there. There are about 14 men pictured. You may know some of them. I am the one holding the two bats."

"On my 42nd mission we got shot up badly over Lyons, France. We had more than 100 holes in the plane. The pilot was unconscious when he landed with his head out of the window. We were carried out the rest of the crew. After that we went to Cairo for R&R. Then came back and flew 17 more missions. The group lost lots of planes and crews."

"The night the airfield on the north end of Corsica was bombed I remember we watched the flashes from it thinking we would be next but it didnt happen. Where I was is called Ghisonaccia station, if that helps? The pilot I flew most of my missions with was named Adams and he was a 1st Lt."

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