B-25 Pilot Lt. Robert P. Zulauf

Bob Zulauf of the 381st BS who authored 'The Junior Birdmen of Corsica.'
This is Bob Zulauf getting ready to climb aboard B-25J-10 #43-36236 'Allergic to Combat' of the 381st Bombardment Squadron. Here's a great color photo of
"Allergic to Combat."

Flight crew of 'Allergic to Combat.'
Flight crew of "Allergic to Combat," B-25J-10, A/C Serial #43-36236. Back row, left to right: Thomas J. Brady, John Rodak, Bob Zulauf. Front row, left to right: Al Shainen, Fred Alterman and Ben Detweiler. Crew with the 381st Squadron, 310th Bomb Group.

This is the cover of Bob Zulauf's book.
This is the cover page for Bob Zulauf's book that provides some very interesting history and photographs (see below) of the 310th Bombardment Group at Ghisonaccia, Corsica in 1944-45. That's Bob standing in front of a building at Ghisonaccia, Corsica in the photo at the lower left (above).

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