United States Navy (USN) Blimp Squadron ZP-14 (Air Ship Squadron 14 or
Airship Squadron 14, or Blimpron-14, or Africa Squadron, or ZP-14) in World War Two (WWII).

Blimp Squadron 14
United States Navy Wings.

Photos and history of ZP-14 from Paul J. Galbreath, ARM2/c

Paul Galbreath, ARM2/c with his K-ship crew.
Paul Galbreath is standing second from the left in the above photograph
of his crew that flew K-123 on the 20.8 hour flight from Lagens Field on
Terceira Island in the Azores to Port Lyautey, French Morocco on June 1, 1944,
completing the final leg of first transatlantic flights by non-rigid airships.

Paul Galbreath's flight log book.
Click on the photo to see Paul Galbreath's flight log book.

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